invencor, inc.

invencor, inc. is a San Francisco Bay Area based multi-disciplinary firm founded by Debra Guerin Beresini and D. Kirk B. Westbrook in 1997.

invencor is focused on the ENTREPRENEUR.

invencor's mission is to leverage already established relationships with services to assist in the execution of capital efficient seed and early stage business models. invencor's services range from the management of early stage debt and equity investment funds to providing strategic consulting services to the management of emerging, high growth companies.

Whether through its investing activities or consulting practice, invencor's focus is on enhancing the entrepreneur's success. Many times the founding entrepreneur is too close to the emerging business which makes it more difficult for the entrepreneur and his/her team to identify the weaknesses in the company's strategy. It is better to identify and correct these weaknesses before presenting the company's plan to the investment community. invencor is positioned to help the entrepreneur accomplish these goals.

invencor's team helps the entrepreneur:
- identify and remedy weaknesses
- build on strengths
- communicate a cohesive and closely-woven opportunity to the investment community.

invencor employs a collaborative approach working with entrepreneurs to build sustainable, fundable companies. invencor leverages its entrepreneurial-focused approach with a team oriented roll-up-your sleeves discipline by working along side the entrepreneur to strengthen and build the strategy.

invencor's principals represent a balance of both debt and equity investing experience, as well as strategic, operational and marketing experience to assist entrepreneurial teams in starting and building new businesses. The firm has provided strategic consulting services to numerous early stage companies across diversified areas of the Information Technology and Life Science industries.

Examples of invencor's consulting assignments include:
- Review and development of focused strategic plans
- Assisting the CEO in developing milestone-based focused business plan for the investment community
- Review of and recommendations for financial controls and projections
- Review of and recommendations for human resource issues and policies
- Organization and verification of cap tables in preparation for the next round of financing
- Evaluating and assisting the entrepreneur in negotiating term sheets
- Market and competitive analyses
- Profile and recruitment of strategic outside Board and Advisory Board members

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